3D X ray Computed Tomography Software

3D X ray Computed Tomography Software

DigiXCT (X-Ray Computed Tomography) is Digisens software suite dedicated to X-Ray tomography:
    - Non-destructive testing, reverse engineering and measurement;
    - Nano-tomography;
    - Small animal scanning;
    - Synchrotron radiation.

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DigiFDK : analytical reconstruction algorithm
- 32 bits, no data size limit at input

DigiOBS: high-resolution, real-time volume and surface rendering
- Orthogonal or user-specific cut planes
- Advanced segmentation
- Voxel measurement (points, segments, angles, circles)
- Export of high-quality, certified surfacic data (STL, point clouds)

DigiCAL: Certified calibration tool tailored for reconstruction parameters’ acquisition
- Real Image Viewer (RIV) by Digisens for image processing
- SnapCT: sophisticated software feature for multi-GPUs acceleration of the process
- Import data: all well-renonwed professional file formats
- Export data: high-resolution slices in multiple image formats, AVI video, DICOM…

DigiSRF: surface extraction and simplicification
- Compliant with reverse engineering software
- Compliant with expert metrology software

Avoid bottlenecks with unparalleled reconstruction and data processing speeds, thanks to an entire parallel computing process, completely optimised in multi-GPUs

Get superior image quality given the cheap and huge computing power available for data pre and postprocessing in GPU

Benefit from a sole and unique interface from acquisition to data visualisation and export: experience Digisens ergonomics

Fully compliant tomography software, from simplest computer configurations (laptop, desktop) to the most complicated architectures (High Performance Computing: HPC)

GPU compatibility
- Up to Kepler generation 
- From one GPU board up to 8 mounted in a single PC box, given the number of PCI Express slots available
- GPU cluster configuration possible (High Performance Computing)

Supported operating systems
- Microsoft Windows 7/10 (64 bits)
- Linux CentOS 7.0 for supercomputers

Mono-license and multi-license packages depending on your needs