Medical Dental X ray CT

Medical Dental X ray CT

DigiHCT (Healthcare Computed Tomography) is a modular software range designed exclusively for manufacturers of medical imaging systems. It’s equally suitable for improving existing scanners as for designing new equipment.

Our experience puts us in a position to help manufacturers of 2D imaging systems make the transition to 3D imaging systems. Since we develop all of our software ourselves, we are able to control the entire chain of technological processes in order to perfectly accommodate your needs.
The final software will be issued under an SDK (software development kit) licence or as command line.

Finally, our expertise in GPU programming enables us to offer iterative algorithms that significantly reduce radiation doses, in the same way as powerful pre and post image processing optimised on dedicated computing cards.

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- Analytical and iterative 3D reconstruction algorithms

- Available under a turnkey software package or command lines

- Mono- and multi-GPUs processing

- Cuda and C++ computer programming

- Pre and postprocessing fully optimized on GPUs

- Numerous filters available

- Supported geometries: cone-beam, fan-beam, helicoidal

- Dicom export

X-ray radiation dose reduction

Unparalleled reconstruction speeds

Customer-driven approach by our technology experts to deliver the solution you need, given your set of specifications

GPU compatibility
- Up to Kepler generation 
- From one GPU board up to 8 mounted in a single PC box, given the number of PCI Express slots available
- GPU cluster configuration possible (High Performance Computing)

Supported operating systems
- Microsoft Windows (32 or 64 bits)
- Unix/Linux for supercomputers

Mono-license and multi-license packages depending on your needs